The Interpersonal Game.


It's an Interactive installation AR on Microsoft Kinect. Cooperation between Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Gdansk University of Technology. It's my bachelor diploma AFA and Masters dipoma of Marta PieczyƄska (Bioinformatics at the Faculty of Applied Physics and Mathematics).

Interaction overview:

  1. The user faces a screen. In front of the screen lies a 6-sided die.
  2. She rolls the die.
  3. Depending on the result of the die roll, a character (one of six) appears on the screen above a virtual die, which mirrors the real die.
  4. The user can interact with the character by touching predetermined areas in space above the real die.
  5. Choice of the area causes a reaction from the character.

Type of project

Interactive installation AR


Adobe After Effects

Microsoft Kinect



Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk

Gdansk University of Technology